Catastrophic Health Insurance Plans Can Save You Thousands of Dollars


Catastrophic insurance plans cover your medical expenses after you’ve paid a deductible that’s typically between $1,200 and $25,000. that is the main reason they will prevent thousands of dollars as compared to a standard health plan with a lower medical deductible, office visit, and prescription coverage.

Needless to mention , they’re far more effective for people that are relatively healthy, don’t utilize their medical benefits often, and are overpaying for coverage they likely won’t need.

Here are the nuts and bolts of how this solution works:

People curious about this solution start by replacing their costly traditional insurance plan with a professional high deductible health plan (a catastrophic insurance plan). The monthly savings starts immediately. counting on the medical deductible you’ve chosen, you’ve got the choice of depositing some or all of your monthly savings into a health bank account , just in case you are doing have unexpected medical expenses down the road. All of the cash you deposit into your health bank account (HSA) and spend on qualified medical, dental, and other expenses, you’ll spend tax-free. once you make deposits into your health bank account , they become a tax write-off , and once you spend money from your account, it comes out tax-free. it is the only financial account of its kind (that isn’t taxed on the way in, or on the way out).

Catastrophic plans are required (under the healthcare reform law) to hide preventive care before you’re required to pay toward your medical deductible. So you will not be neglecting your health by choosing a catastrophic plan. you will have access to preventive care to make sure that you simply remain in healthiness . make certain to research the preventive care benefits for the plan that you simply choose.

As long as you do not need significant medical aid , you still pocket the savings month after month. If you stay healthy, you get to stay the savings, not the insurance company!

A little more about who this solution won’t work well for:

People with ongoing, chronic medical conditions, expensive prescriptions, and people people that utilize their benefits often will probably not enjoy switching to a catastrophic insurance plan. People in these situations will probably be more happy on an idea with comprehensive coverage and a lower deductible, in order that they do not have to pay the maximum amount out of their own pocket whenever they incur medical expenses.