Everyday Mistakes That Make You Look Older


Do i look younger than my age? We all know that to look young and be healthy, we need to eat healthily and exercise.

how to look younger skin? But the condition of our skin does not always reflect the lifestyle we lead, as a few details that may seem unimportant to us can also influence our skin’s health.

How will i look when i am old ?

onlik advises you to pay attention to these five habits, which are, at first glance, harmless, but which, in reality, influence our skin’s condition.

1. The sleeping position

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According to the sleep apnea treatment centers when you sleep on your stomach, your head is turned to one side: this causes tension in your neck and shoulders muscles, and it also affects the blood circulation in the brain. Consequences: bags under the eyes, as well as dark circles. Try to sleep on your side or your back, but not all the time either! Better to change position from time to time.

How to look younger skin? Another thing to consider to have beautiful skin: your pillow. If you sleep on a too-high pillow, you prevent the blood flow from circulating normally, and on top of that, you also risk deepening your wrinkles. Choose a pillow that allows you to have your neck straight and your chin away from your chest.

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